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Deal Yourself a better hand Bet On U

About the Program

Cambridge College, in collaboration with Encore Boston Harbor and under the licensure of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, has created the pioneering Greater Boston Gaming Career Institute–or Bet On U.

You will be taught by professional dealers, learning everything from card shuffling to chip handling. So, ready for this chance to draw a winning hand? Start by applying to one of our programs below.

Mastering Blackjack

Learn the essentials of dealing Blackjack and prepare for a career as a Blackjack dealer. You will train and practice dealing and learn about correct chip-handling techniques, identifying chip colors, reading the total value of a bet, card shuffling and placement, game security, and more. Payment plans available.
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Perfecting Poker

Learn the essentials of dealing Poker and prepare for a career as a Poker dealer. You will train and practice dealing with different Poker variations, correct chip-handling techniques, learn how to calculate a pot, game security and more. Payment plans are available.

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500 Rutherford Avenue, Boston, MA 02129
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Bet on U FAQs

The Greater Boston Gaming Career Institute is operated by Cambridge college, in collaboration with Encore Boston Harbor and under licensure by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

The Greater Boston Gaming Center Institute will be located at 510 Rutherford Avenue in Charlestown, in the Hood Business Park. The school is less than two miles from Encore Boston Harbor and a short walk away from the MBTA's Sullivan Square Orange Line Station.

Students are encouraged to take public transit [Orange Line and buses] to Sullivan Station. The Institute is a 5–7 minute walk from the station. Inexpensive, public parking is also located nearby.

No. Having a friendly and outgoing personality, along with basic math skills, are the only requirements.

A basic understanding of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction is required.

There will be dealer openings at Encore Boston Harbor for full-time and part-time applicants.

Anyone 18 years of age and older can work as a dealer, although you must be over 21 years of age to gamble in Massachusetts.

The cost for each initial program offering - Perfecting Poker and Mastering Blackjack is $700 per program.

The Gaming Career Institute accepts checks and all major credit cards. Payment plans are also available.

The curriculum requires approximately 16 hours per week, four days a week (Monday through Thursday). Perfecting Poker runs for 14 weeks, while Mastering Blackjack runs for 9 weeks.

Yes. You must stay with the class time you choose for the duration for the program. For example, if you choose the 1 p.m. time slot, you are required to show up for classes at that time for every class, every week.

Daily attendance is absolutely essential to successfully complete each program. A student who misses two (2) consecutive days will automatically be dismissed from the program and can only re-enter with the approval of the instructor.

Makeup days are built into the schedule. If a student misses class for any reason, he or she is responsible for making arrangements to satisfy program time requirements.

Every student must arrive for class on time. Tardiness is counted in half-hour increments (for example, if you arrive at 1:05 p.m. for an 1 p.m. class, you will be counted as being a half-hour late. Late time is counted as missed class time against total program hours.

All materials and skills introduced in class should be reviewed and practiced before the start of the next class. Failure to practice can result in poor progress and not graduating from the program.

Students will be evaluated by written and verbal tests as they progress through the program.

To graduate from the program and earn a certificate, you will be required to attend the classes and pass all tests. To become qualified for a job at Encore Boston Harbor, you will be required to graduate from the program, pass an audition with Encore Boston Harbor, obtain a Massachusetts Gaming Commission license, and pass a comprehensive background check and drug test.

We anticipate that full-time dealers at Encore Boston Harbor could earn a competitive wage, plus tips and benefits.

Yes. Graduates of the Institute will be prepared to work at any other casino.

All employees of Encore Boston Harbor must be licensed by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and pass a mandatory background check and drug test.

Prospective students can apply today via the application links on this website.

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